Easily add real‑time traffic intelligence to your networking product.

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Fast, Small and Portable

Walleye’s single pass traffic scanner ensures extreme performance with minimal memory use, allowing it to perform on the smallest embedded device or scale to the largest multi-core server.

30 Gbps

Throughput per core

128 bytes

Memory per active flow

MIPS, ARM, x86

Supported architectures

Coverage You Can Count On

We focus on ensuring timely and accurate coverage delivered via hitless updates using a combination of human and machine curated content to provide the largest and most relevant app signature set.


Choose custom signature sets

Over 4000

Protocols, Apps & Websites

Easy Integration

Minimal API, direct access to underlying data structures, useful sample code, and engagement with our top engineers ensures that evaluation and integration is quick and painless.

Top-Shelf Team

Integrity, knowledge, trust, commitment. When choosing an OEM partner we believe that having the best team is as important as having the best technology - we deliver both. Don’t just take our word for it, see and feel it for yourself by engaging with us today.

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